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*He's almost finished setting up the hex for tomorrow (Frances is persistent, a simple phone block will not be enough), when he remembers the still rather pitiable state of his wards.*


*He finishes the spell, then dashes off a quick text.*

Text from 07### ######


change of plan. Coming over this evening. Prepare the spare bedroom.


*He's pretty certain John still feels enough residual guilt to maintain the apartment's wards against an angry Frances.*
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Not a bad month.

Now if only D'Souza would stop nagging me to turn up, everything would be perfect.


Jun. 27th, 2012 03:16 pm
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"Tony Blair says he would be prepared to become Prime Minister again"

Oh Tony.

Well I suppose it'll make Alastair happy.

...Baroness Warsi cleared of a serious breach of the ministerial code? What nonsense is this?
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I am not certain that Adonis is entirely right in the head. Moving an elected House of Lords away from Britain's legal, financial and cultural capital will simply serve to nullify any influence it may gain by being democratically elected and will only serve to contribute to the elected dictatorship of the commons.
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