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*Sitting in the back of a vehicle with blacked out windows, huddled up once more in a hoodie far too broad for him, Peter looks across at Alastair and smirks.  Alastair thinks they're going for the equivalent of a jog around the park, and Peter has been careful not to indicate otherwise.  Today is going to be horrible, but watching Alastair slowly lose the will to live is going to make it utterly worth it.*
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*Peter drags himself through the cell door and falls face first on the bed.  His hair is plastered to his skull with rainwater and the rest of his clothes are similarly sodden.  It has not been a good day.

When John had acquiested to Peter's begging requests to be allowed out of his cell more frequently, Peter had naturally assumed that it would be nothing more taxing than a stroll around a park.  Or some woodland.  At the most, a quick jaunt up Box Hill, then back again.  He hadn't reckoned on John's usually hidden, but well nourished, streak of sadism.  Nor on Paddy's ability to instill sheer terror and the desire to run with nothing more than a soft growl.

It had definitely not been a good day.

The heavy rain had turned the cross country assault course to a muddy swamp- difficult and filthy to wade through.  The shoes and clothes he'd been issued were ruined.  Normally Peter would have been in the shower like a shot, scrubbing off the dirt with fervant zeal, but right now he was just too tired.  His legs ache.  His arms ache.  His back, feet, hands, neck... even his forehead aches from squinting against the ever present rain.  And he is cold.

Ignoring the mess he's making of the blankets, Peter kicks off his shoes and wraps himself up in the covers, shivering.  Paddy had promised another session 'at some point this week'.  Peter wonders whether a silver bullet wouldn't be preferable.*


Feb. 22nd, 2011 02:45 pm
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A gentle reminder to certain people to avoid making accusations without proof. Better to stick to stick to substantiated scandals.
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Phase two of testing going ahead, despite the obstructionism of certain worry-warts.
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