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*Peter stares at his desk, filled with smug satisfaction.  He's finished the briefs.  All of them.  Even the extra ones the civil servants dug out of the back of an old filing cabinet in order to keep him busy.

He stretches and winces as his joints pop.  Far too much time spent hunched over a desk, but really, what else was there to do?  Besides read Alastair's laughably inaccurate and self aggradising diaries, of course.

He cups his chin in his hands and sends a tendril of magic out to explore the wards.  They've died back a bit since John's panicked reinforcements a few days ago, but they're still far stronger than they'd been before.  Still, no wall was without its weak spots.

Careful not to draw Lindsay's attention, Peter closes his eyes and tentatively explores the wards a little further.*
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At 5:30 am tomorrow morning, the northern hemisphere will be at its furthest point away from the sun; henceforth the days shall be longer and brighter until the summer solstice in June. Today is therefore the shortest day of the year.

Time to set the yule log alight...

John, if you try and stick bits of holly to me again, I will not be amused.
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Mind your step, I've just had it renovated and haven't had time to put the stair treads in yet.
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what is a suitable silencing spell for use on children?


Day trip

Mar. 30th, 2011 07:01 am
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Full mobility restored.

Whilst two functional legs are better than four, or indeed, one; it is difficult not to miss the extra sensory perception afforded by different forms.

Hmmm... )
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