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My Hero
It is time that I finally leave frontline politics completely and instead devote my time to a far more worthy cause:
turning this journal into a tribute page for the greatest Lord ever to grace the upper chamber.
I am also jealous of his hair and will spend the next year trying to emulate it perfectly.

Don't turn my MPs into animals again, Peter, or this will be just the start. - John
You realise, John, that this means war?
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if you're that enamoured with New Labour, you could just extend an invitation to dinner. Hosting a theatrical production, whilst flattering, is a slightly excessive means of conveying your predilections.



Feb. 22nd, 2011 02:45 pm
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A gentle reminder to certain people to avoid making accusations without proof. Better to stick to stick to substantiated scandals.
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Parliament is often accused of being old, antiquated, or out of touch; so it's wonderful to see that at least one member of the Commons is willing to modernise.  Step forward, Bercow.   Your new, prohibition era 'greaser' hairstyle is wonderfully fresh, coming straight from the 1920s.

Cut for those for whom 'grease' is *not* the word. )
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