Apr. 22nd, 2015 08:26 am
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"Milifandom soars with Twitter backing for Labour leader Ed Miliband"

Alastair knows about this twitter thing, though I'm not convinced his smugness, if asked, would be anything other than intolerable. Maybe Fiona?
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I see certain recent embarrassments have spurred commentators, insightful or otherwise, to call for a slight change in either tactics or tactician.

I'm sure they'll sort themelves out.

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All in all an excellent and informative week with some significant labour victories and the prospect of more to come.

Progress on The Machine: sucessfully uninstalled previous system.  Considering switch to germanic rune set; elder futhark rather unwieldy.

Now where's everybody got to....?


Jan. 25th, 2011 11:11 am
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Progress on The Machine: Latest test overwhemingly sucessful. John has also been so kind as to furnish me with a list of other potential test subjects. I'm sure they'll all be delighted with him.


Jan. 24th, 2011 08:00 pm
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Previous tests have demonstrated The Machine's capabilities at increasing the intensity of a pre-existing hangover, yet so far the ability to induce a hangover in a completely teetotal subject has remained untrialled due to lack of suitable victims subjects in the westminster area.

Target acquired.


Jan. 20th, 2011 05:20 pm
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A gentle reminder to the Labour Shadow cabinet: we are not the Tory party. Position is determined by political merit, not inheritance, and there are no safe seats. Buck up, or get out.

In other news, Alastair's getting quite cuddly in his old age. Perhaps someone should tell him that a coalition of opposing idealogies has already been done?


Jan. 19th, 2011 10:43 pm
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Operation Tie Dye a qualified* definite success.

Other news: Campbell dragged himself along last night. Odd, given that no one was paying him to be there.

* We missed a couple of the least garish ones.


Jan. 8th, 2011 06:54 pm
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For those interested in international trade, I have written a small article in the FT.

Hydration update: in progress. John and Alastair have much to answer for.
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