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Congratulations to Mr Balls for completing the London Marathon.
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The boy is doing well, certainly better than is helpful given the current situation. Our long term strategy is reasonably secure, but a short term boost to keep us in the public's good books would not be unwelcome.

...and of course, a scattershot approach to divert media attention elsewhere can be very effective.
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All in all an excellent and informative week with some significant labour victories and the prospect of more to come.

Progress on The Machine: sucessfully uninstalled previous system.  Considering switch to germanic rune set; elder futhark rather unwieldy.

Now where's everybody got to....?


Jan. 20th, 2011 05:20 pm
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A gentle reminder to the Labour Shadow cabinet: we are not the Tory party. Position is determined by political merit, not inheritance, and there are no safe seats. Buck up, or get out.

In other news, Alastair's getting quite cuddly in his old age. Perhaps someone should tell him that a coalition of opposing idealogies has already been done?
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Labour no longer the party with the most internal drama. Gave all Tories blistering hangovers to celebrate (that should confuse Theresa May).

Progress on The Machine: NOT the gadget, Paddy, thanks so much. Ordered new valves from Swagelok.  Hopefully solid silver fittings will reduce thaumic leaks.
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All exchanges here are deemed, for the purposes of rp, to have occurred in the House of Commons.
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