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*It has taken several days for Peter to finish cleaning up- both after the werewolf and John's children, but at last all of the above ground rooms are clean and tidy.  The bedlinen, musty after two months in a closet, has all been washed and dried.  Suits have been aired and mothballs replaced.  The windows have been wiped down- were it summer they would sparkle but today has been unrelentingly grey.

Peter settles into the sofa, cup of tea in hand and appreciates the view.  The house still feels empty, but not quite so desolate.  He sips th steaming brew and ponders the last of today' chores: the cellar.  He has a vague memory of some potion or other going awry before he left and doubts the mess has been improved by two months' absence.  Still.  It needs to be done.

He finishes his tea, squares his shoulders and picks up the bucket of industrial-strength cleaning products.*

Once more into the breach.
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